Aug 2, 2009

Haircuts and Pizza...

Gary has been due a haircut for a had even got the point where one of the maintenance men who works at the apartment complex shouted over to me ' he needs a haircut' ...cheeky bugger, but OK, it was time for a summer haircut and his nails definitely needed chopping back especially as we were having company this weekend.

I used a different groomer than usual and was pleasant surprised when they only charged me $35 - he normally is over $50. As he wasn't completely traumatised he will be going can see Gary's spots better now..I did ask him to sit up for this picture, but he thought that meant roll over for a tummy tickle...hmmm note to self required.

He went to 'U dirty dog' , it's quite a cool place as you can go in a bathe your own dog there too.
Any I picked him up and then packed the house up and we made our way in yet another storm back to Jacksonville. Hopefully this weather would clear for when Hubby's nephew and new wife ( and little pug, Oscar..Gary's best friend) got there later. We planned to go and get some dinner and then go to the beach on Saturday.

Well they arrived later than expected from Gainesville and the storms had moved through by then, so all that remained was dinner to be decided on (after the dogs had stormed around the apartment like wild things for 15 minutes!)

Kerri, Cole's wife is a vegetarian, so it narrows where we can down a little, however the consensus was pizza, so we would could go and try a pizzeria that we had passing, but never got too.

Well what a was great..and I normally don't rave about pizza, but this place was fab. We had some Pesto Cheese Bread with Basil Pesto & loaded with Mozzarella Cheese (heavenly!), then I had a small personal Chorizo Pizza...Crumbles of mildly, spicy Sausage, sliced Green Olives, Red Onions, and fire Roasted Red Pepper. Yummy...the boys had a super large meat pizza, which was also delicious and Kerri has a thick Sicilian style cheese pizza - we took tons back to the apartment and everyone was sated! Hubby and I will definitely be going again...

When we got back, Kerri zonked out asleep, whilst I watched a little t.v. whilst ..the boys played Fallout 3...we were computer game widows ;-) Beach Saturday, and weather forecast is great!

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