Jul 30, 2009

Storms, Storms and More Storms....

Driving back from Jacksonville in my small car was a bit hairy yesterday. This was the sky before I set off...ominous. I was actually jealous of all the 4 x 4 trucks and big SUVs (although I don't want the gas bill thanks!). The weather was atrocious. I managed to get a little video on my Blackberry...and before you tell me 'that's a bit dangerous' I know, but I wanted you to see what it's really like in Florida during the summer...Of course the morning and lunchtimes are beautiful, hot without and cloud in the sky, but come the afternoons the storms normally move in...I think this year its been the worst since I got here (3rd summer), definitely more rain anyway.

So yesterdays drive home was miserable. After I'd got some chores done today I decided to go and catch a few rays, it was a beautiful afternoon and Gary and I were going to go for a swim.

After a few lengths I was lying reading my book on the sunbed when there was the slightest rumble of thunder...uh oh, here we go again...withing 10 mins I was in my pyjamas, Gary was cuddled up on the bed and the heavens had opened up on us... is 5.30pm too early for PJ's?

Loads to do tomorrow. Grass needs cutting, AC man is coming, water is being delivered and to cap it all Gary is being sheared!..I'll post some before and after photos of hairy boy tomorrow..

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