Jul 9, 2009

Back home.. Footloose and fancy free...

Ok, so I'm a little turned around this evening, I'm back home but it's only a Thursday..something must be going on...Gary and I normally drive home on a Friday......ahhh I know..that's because this weekend we are having a PARTY..and of course I need an extra day to prepare for the big event!

With Gary strapped into his seat belt we set off about lunchtime for our 3 hour drive home...I only have to wave the harness at him and he knows where we are going. I'd like him to ride in the back, but he has none of it and likes to look out of the front window.
Until he sees me taking a picture, then of course he's posing! do you think he looks like a little bear?

It was a pretty uneventful drive, we were listening to Buckethead on Real Radio 104.1, who, although not my favourite, I find mildly amusing...I was waiting for the Phillips Phile at 3.00pm. I can really recommend a listen to this guy, Jim Phillips, who is intelligent, witty and one of the best talk radio people I've ever listened to...you can listen on the net, or on Sirius I think..I just have regular old radio in my car and in the Orlando area it FM104.1.

Anyway, one of the subjects of today's program was the possible remake of the film Footloose, which starred Kevin Bacon...Ok, so I'm glad I was wearing black as I splurted diet coke all down my top when Jim said the original had been 25 years ago...I mean...surely I'm not that old!???

I looked in the mirror...hmm the grey needs touching up...yes I'm that old, but remember that film like it was yesterday..I loved it when it first came out, the one and only time I've ever enjoyed Kevin Bacon.. I remember singing along (I'm tone deaf by the way!) to 'Lets here it for the boy' by Deniece Williams all of the summer of '84...it was great...so I am a bit disturbed to hear they are remaking it...Jim was saying that Zac Effron had pulled out of the lead, so I googled it up this evening and find that another of the 2008/9 pretty boys, Chace Crawford is now the lead....well at least his eyebrows aren't so teased! and he looks pretty hot in this picture I pulled off the net...

However, I say....leave Footloose alone..it's history, and I don't need reminding how old I am !

Big day tomorrow..loads to do, shopping, cooking and all that, so I'm off to bed!

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