Jul 6, 2009

My first post....

Ok..new to blogging that I am, this maybe short and sweet...or it might ramble on for ages..you never know!
My friend Anne runs a blog for her furniture business, http://baumhausltd.blogspot.com/ and I've found myself inexplicably drawn to it everyday to find out the latest goings on in a furniture wholesale business...sounds boring!! ..not really, she blogs on her life, holidays, her weekends and her dog George (yes his name is George!...naughty George to be exact).
Naughty George standing in front of Anne's new house
She has been trying to convince me to to start blogging for ages, so today, in a moment of boredom, I thought...why not!
What shall I blog on...everything and anything .. her idea was for my dog, Gary, to have his own blog, but there is only so much a Jack Russell can say for himself...to illustrate he is fast asleep on the bed at the moment..it truely is a dog's life!

So Gary will be part of the blog, but so will anything else I care to think about. I love to cook so I thought I'd post recipes here, and critic latest restaurants etc etc...I'm just going to talk about life really...it will be a way for my friends around the world to keep up with me and me with them!

For those who don't know me personally I'm of English descent, but live in Florida now with my husband and of course Gary..It was a big change upping sticks and moving here, but I love the sun, so it's mostly been all good! Also it seems that mention to anyone that you live in Florida and they have bought the plane tickets and are arriving next Thursday...so it has it's benefits!

Well enough for now...I was just practicing...let see if I can't get this think posted to the web now...probably more tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

Aah, so NOW I know how to respond to your blogs ........ too many options! And have just pressed button to post this comment and up pop more bloomin' options. Life is truly too short ............. xx Sue x

Clare & Gary said...

Glad you finally worked it out then Sue! I seemed to have another mesasge in my email inbox, but didn't make it to the blog pages...something about next Thursday ;-)

Bob and Sue said...

Yup, took a while but I got there in the end!! Thursday, yes, Tampa airport, 5.30pm, see you there xx (This time I shall try google account, just to be wild and daring!)

Clare and Gary said...

Cool...Tampa works for me..are you bringing Bob...P.S...it's raining here..I'd stay in UK!!!

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