Jul 19, 2009

Ritters, Rain and a fresh smelling dog!

My intention this weekend when we went back to our house was to catch some rays. Last weekend was pretty miserable in the sun department, so I thought I'd top up the tan whilst doing the normal weekend chores of lawn mowing and pool cleaning..and then maybe get my book and lay out for a bit soaking up some sun....

So all was going well, the sun was out while we mowed the lawn and I was getting excited about jumping in the pool to cool off (although with the water at 85f it's not really that refreshing, more warm soup like....) Lawn finished, I went and got my swimming togs on and started brushing the pool...as I looked over the lake behind out house I heard thunder and saw the clouds starting to gather. I thought, no problems, it will be an age before it gets here, still plenty of time to use the cleaner...I started with the spa and then hopped in the pool to push the cleaner around...( we need an automatic one, but they are toooooooo expensive at the moment as we still have to finish paying for the pool!)

As I was finishing up the sun had already passed behind the clouds and it had started to sprinkle...within a minute I was gathering my towel and Gary inside as the heavens opened..I'm starting to think it's someone looking down and disapproving of me in a bikini ;-)


So this was in for the next hour, and where as Anne, my friend in England, was complaining about her 2.5 cm in an hour, we had about 2 inches...proper rain Anne, proper rain!

What to do?...I looked down at my wet dog and decided as he was wet already he may as well have a bath. Gary doesn't particularly like having a bath, but we love it when he's had one as he looks and smells so good...

We have used TropiClean products on him since he arrived from the shelter. They are a green initiative company with great products for your dog..Gary still has the puppy shampoo and conditioner, but next time we may try the Awapuhi White Shampoo for white dogs.... ( on a side note the pet & feed store that sold these products at home has recently closed down, a symptom of this economy and the fact that Petco has recently opened in our home town, sad to see them go as they offered a real personal service so hard to find these days...)

Anyway Gary was freshly bathed ( at which point he has a mad 5 mins running around the house...we think it's his way of drying off! ) and then collapsed on the sofa, super cute as he was cuddling a cushion... of course he soon woke up when I tried to sneak a quick pic of him, and posed for the camera!.. see how nice and fluffy he looks!

Hubbie and I headed out for a spot of late lunch as the weather was still not up for much, a Quizno's tuna sub ( see, I managed to get him fish again!!) and some Ritters Frozen Custard. If you've never had frozen custard I can't recommend highly enough..I don't like ice cream, but I'm always up for some Ritters! They're not everyone around the country, but if you know where one is or are passing one, go - it's creamy, delicious goodness!


Bob and Sue said...

Hmm, energy cookies .... eat me .... delicious. I think not - did you LOOK at them???? They did NOT look like cookies to me!!! I'll stick with M&S choc chip, thank you very much xx

Clare and Gary said...

Hmmmm you are so mean Sue...you should write a blog, your acerbic humour would go down well xx

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