Jul 14, 2009

Men...check your bits...testicular cancer

In my earlier post I mentioned that the footballer John Hartson, had be diagnosed with cancer. The former Wales, Arsenal and Celtic striker is in a critical condition after emergency surgery on his brain and was also told the cancer had spread to his lungs. He is only 34, and has 3 children. His cancer started in his testes and spread very quickly.
It is a reminder for all men to make sure they check them self for any irregularities 'down there'. Net Doctor says 'Things can go wrong with your testicles slowly, quickly or very fast indeed.' Please check their website to know what you should be doing to look after yourself. It's easy and can save your life. Self-examine

Testicular cancer represents only 1 per cent of all cancers in men, but it is the single biggest cause of cancer-related deaths in men aged 15 to 35 years in the UK and numbers are on the rise.

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