Feb 14, 2011

Happy Valentines to both my loves....

Sunday was beautiful, warm and sunny, and before I take you back to frozen England at Christmas here's some pics (with my new camera!) of my other boy doing what he does best.... sunbathing... ! I'm not sure how he got the pad up on the pool box, but it wasn't there this morning... either someone else moved it, or Gary dragged it up himself.. he looks comfy is all I can say!
I love you Gary.. happy Valentines xxxx


Do we have to take pictures.. I was asleep!

Is that a lizard?

So comfy

Trying to keep eyes open....

Are you sure there isn't a lizard

This is so tiring!

Oooh look I can look for lizards without lifting my head!

Back to sleep

It's a dogs life!
Of course I love Hubbie too... but he hates me taking pictures of him... so here's one from our wedding in 2004...he's my soulmate
Love you babe xx



Annie (Lady M) x said...

Those pictures of Gary are quality. What camera have you bought?

Aww, look at you and Jody ..... so romantic! I hate Valentine's day, being single. Not one card, even though I am so bloody good looking!

P.S. Please can you judge my caption competition? Everyone is waiting with bated breath.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Love the gary pics,he is such a looker, and love the wedding pic as well.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Clare and Gary said...

I'll tell Gary you said he was a looker Brahm, he'll be chuffed!...

Ron said...

Hi Clare - Gary is indeed photogenic. Your husband is sporting a snazzy shirt in the wedding photo...a bit of a contrast to your dress :)

Happy Valaentines day to all of you :)

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