Feb 4, 2011

Skateboard graveyards and Buckingham Palace...!

Bet you've never seen a blog title like that!!!!

The skateboard 'graveyard' was a little weird really but probably cool in skateboarding circles.. although I'm hardly qualified to discuss whats cool (rapidly reaching 40, non-hoody wearing, law abiding citizen!)

Over the bridge on the way to the London Eye we saw this...

 On closer inspection its was this... a place for skateboards to die

Do you think they go to a 'Skateboard Heaven' or end up in hell somewhere for littering?
Anyway I wasn't going to spend too much time thinking about it we had to get back on the bus to get to Buck House...
One last glamour shot..

Windswept & cold... good look!
And we were back freezing out bits off on the top deck of the bus... the ONLY good thing about that is you manage to get some good pics as you travel...

County Hall

Cool pub... wish I'd been in it rather than taking pics of it!
Anyway finally we arrived at Buckingham Palace...

Its been likened to a "Stalinist slab of monochrome with all the warmth of a cell-block". Hmmmmm not what we think of as a Palace... but it's still one of the Queens houses..!!

I loved this snippet from The Evening Standard in 2007....

'The truth is that Her Majesty's London residence is a monstrous carbuncle - though anyone who points this out can expect to be vilified by witless traditionalists, who claim the palace is "inseparable from our history, our nationhood and, most importantly, our constitution".
What nonsense. Like so many allegedly timeless and quintessentially British institutions, it's quite a recent creation. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to live there, and she moved out again after the death of Prince Albert in 1861, leaving it vacant until her death 40 years later. (In 1864, a notice was pinned to the railings: "These commanding premises to be let or sold, in consequence of the late inhabitant's declining business.") Alterations and additions since then have made it even uglier, notably the Portland stone facade which replaced Nash's original frontage in 1913, and the new Queen's Gallery, which was described last year by our infallible architecture correspondent Rowan Moore as "pretentious and twee".
Like some of the occupants down the years, the palace is an undignified embarrassment.
True, tourists feel obliged to photograph themselves outside it. But don't Londoners' opinions count for anything? In 2005, readers of Time Out voted Buckingham Palace into the top four London eyesores along with the Elephant and Castle, Centre Point and the Tower Thistle Hotel. Four years earlier it was named "one of Britain's most hated buildings" by thousands of listeners to the BBC's Today programme. Buckingham Palace is a spirit sapping monolith which wrecks what would otherwise be one of Europe's great boulevards'

Anyway..I'll let you make your own mind up



Still cold!

He's cold too!



Annie (Lady M) x said...

Blimey, those architects are dicks. Buckingham Palace is a marvellously aesthetically pleasing bit of architecture. I can't see what they don't like about it. And I don't believe the statistics about the number of people who think it is monstrous. Total bollocks!

Loved the post though. Nice pic of you me dear!

Snuggle Wasteland said...

I love the pictures! I've never been to England before but have always wanted to take a big European vacation sometime.

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