Feb 13, 2011

Off with the dogs in Frozen Wasteland that is North Devon

Not strictly correct as Devon was a tad warmer than London was at Christmas, but after high tailing it back to London we were off to Devon with my parents, brother, his fiance and her children.. and of course the dogs... Gary would have loved it, shame he was living the high life at Dog Day Afternoon in Orlando.

My Mom came up trumps and hired this house in Bideford for the New Years week....these pics taken from the house's website as I forgot to get any .. D'oh!

It was great.. spacious and fires in all the living rooms and a Aga to cook on, which was interesting to say the least...
It's a small port town on the estuary of the River Torridge in north Devon.In the 16th century Bideford was Britain's third largest port. Sir Walter Raleigh landed the one of the first shipments of tobacco here. In his honour several roads and a hill have been named after him. Today the narrow town centre streets lead down to a tree-lined quay, which bustles with fishing vessels, cargo and pleasure boats. Interestingly the Bideford witch trial in 1682 involved three women, Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles and Susannah Edwards, accused of witchcraft and resulted in the last ever hangings for witchcraft in England.

These were the stunning views of Bideford from the back patio (where incidentally there is a huge hot tub, which is on year round!)

Trust husband to find the comedy road name!

It's an estuary so the tide comes in and out quite significantly

Tomorrow I'm taking you to Braunton Burrows with the dogs... Basically it was a footrace with my parents who think we can all walk at 100 miles a hour Grrrr.. my Mom's nickname isn't Mountain Goat for nothing!


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Having lived not far from there, I can 100% verify that it is a lovely place to live!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Did you at least send Gary a post card?

Clare and Gary said...

No post cards for Gary Mrs Tuna... he cost $400 for two weeks.. I couldn't afford a post card too!

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