Feb 24, 2011

Still Christmas in February....Clovelly

I know.. I'm still posting from my Christmas trip back to England... I'm sorry.. but we did so much (and took so many pictures) you are going to just have to suffer through a few more (of course then there will be Feb's trip to Cape San Blas) ho hum I can't keep up with my jet setting lifestyle.. did I say I was going to Australia next week?..

Anyway.. continuing.. we've seen Braunton Burrows and how my parents think life is one big race.. slow down and smell the coffee parents !!

So today it was on to Clovelly...

Clovelly on a sunny day...

So it was a bit misty that day and I had forgotten my camera.. so we are relying on Brittany's camera skills (!) and a few sunny pics I've pinched borrowed from the Internet!

The most important thing you should know about Clovelly is that there are Landrovers at the bottom to drive you back up to the top.. that's assuming you've not called Air Ambulance having broken multiple bones to get to the bottom!

A very steep cobbled street trickles down the wooded hill to a small harbour and a pebble beach. Both sides of the street are filled with little white-washed cottages, each, it seems, existing for a purpose: a shop, a tea room, a workshop, a crazy woman’s house, etc. Unusually, every property in the village has been privately owned by one family since the mid-18th century. This has ensured that the cottages are only rented out to people who will actually live in the village rather than being a collection of holiday cottages. Importantly, there are two hotels and two good pubs, serving delicious local ales and ciders (non of which I got to consume.. that's just the blurb!!!)  No cars are allowed into the village so goods are transported up and down the hill using donkeys and strange cart-sled -like contraptions. There is a very real feeling of history in Clovelly and I'd recommend a visit, but build your ankles up 1st.

As with most places we visit I like to hunt out the controversy... here its about the visitor fee
£5.95 for all-day car parking, entry to two museums in the village and a 15-minute film (not running when we were there - no discount!!) show telling the story of Clovelly, as well as use of the toilet facilities in the visitor centre and down the cobbled street.

Visitors are told that revenues raised from the entrance fee are used to fund the constant maintenance of the village cottages (caring for the village is a costly business because the buildings are all repaired using traditional materials and craftsmanship, and due to the severely restricted vehicle access, builders often quote up to double the standard price for repairs when Clovelly is mentioned). However the street is owned and maintained by Torridge District Council and as such you are paying to walk down a public street!!! Anyway I saw loads of places you could sneak in if you really want to.. so don't think you HAVE to pay!!!

Anyway enjoy the pics.. tomorrow a trip to Appledore and another footrace in Lynmouth!!!!

At the top before we knew we'd be taking our life in our hands!

Should of hopped on one of these and ridden down!

Can you see the terror on my face... I'm slipping down the hill!

Cat.. he had right idea

Crab pots.. very arty Britt!

Think this illustrates how steep it is.. we were half way down hill at this point!


If only we'd had a video to watch me come slip sliding down this bit

Not much of a Waterfall...imagine its a dribble in summer




broken biro said...

Still looks pretty in the winter, though... cue song: 'Oh, wouldn't it be Clovelly... clovelly! Clovelly!'

Jewell said...

Clare...this is soooo one of the places I would put on my list to visit! It looks like picture paradise there! Love the cat on the sill and the waterfall...it's no Niagara, but it's still pretty! =)

As for the hill....rolling down that sucker sounds like a wiser move, but danged if that going back up wouldn't be a killer! Maybe your mountain goat of a mom is on to something when you visit places like that! =)

Clare and Gary said...

Hi Jewell.. I told Mom that you've coined her nickname.. she was laughing

Hi Claire... it was still pretty..but v slippy and I'm rubbish on my feet!

alejandro guzman said...

hello clare, what a quaint little yet steep town you visited. Did you get to try the seafood?

Cheers A

Brandy@YDK said...

Wow. That's so awesome to get to experience something like that. Looks beautiful.

Clare and Gary said...

Hi Alejandro... no not here.. we did at Appledore, next post -see my piece of plaice.. yummo! Thanks for dropping by,

Hi Brandy.. I'ts definitely easier if you are a foreign national .. England has some beautiful sights that 'normal' tourists just don't get to see as they never make it out of London... :-)

Crystal said...

wow! Clovelly looks lovely! Gorgeous photos...I feel like I was right there with you :)

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