Oct 8, 2009

Blogging - the window to the world....

I started blogging for a bit of a laugh really, just getting down my thoughts and day to day goings on in my life, but it's become more serious now because I have followers. I'm not a celebrity or anyone of any note outside of my family (I think I'm pretty ok though!) but people are now following me!..it's a strange feeling really.
I've just looked at my reader stats and my last 7 days look like a world trip, Malaysia to Australia, America to the Lebanon, England to Pakistan.... so now I have a responsibility..

It's a bit scary to tell you the truth.. I'm not a writer, I've had no formal training. I'm funnier in person than on paper as my strange facial experssions to not translate well! but now I have to come up with new and interesting blogs so as not to lose any of my new found blog readers....I promise I will try!

It's nice when one of these new found readers stops by and comments. Sureindran is in Malaysia, and writes this very nice blog, Speech of my fingertips, I encourage you to go along and have a look. He has a really nice writing style and you feel sort of relaxed when reading. So my blog has also become my window to the world as I get to meet new people with different talents, I would not have had these opportunities before so for blogging I'm grateful.

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