Oct 28, 2009

What we did Sunday...before the bags FINALLY arrived (well one of them!)

Still no bags, but shorts, t-shirts and swim togs purchased on standby (although Anne's footwear was causing a bit of a problem - see left!!) we hotfooted it to Jacksonville. Anne was feeling a little rough and had been throwing up a little, so we stopped for some Dramamine at Walgreens. Unfortunately, we did have a little episode when Gary escaped in the Walgreens car park, fortunately I exerted some cunning and pretended I was leaving and he was soon back in the car. The dramamine seemed to settle Anne down...Issie had Tinkerbell playing on the Ipod, so she was happy (and quiet!) and Gary was curled up on his towel next to Issie hoping for a tasty treat to come his way....

Why was I going back to Jacksonville? ..purely selfish reasons actually. Jody and I had been invited to dinner at a restaurant I'd wanted to go to for ages, you can see my review here, so I have to admit to abandoning my mate and her daughter with Pizza Hut on the way and Sponge Bob Square Pants playing...Anne was delighted to find we had at least eight episode for Issie to watch!

Sunday morning the sun was shining but the news on the bag front was not good. Although they had located one of the bags the other was still missing, and of course this would be Annes!!...oh well, not much we can do...Let's go to the beach!!! We packed the family up and spent a great three hours playing in the surf and reading our books...nothing better when the rest of the country is wet and dreary, Florida still in the high 80's with the sky blue and the water still warm.

Anne & Issie jumping the waves!

On getting back I get called back about the bags....yes they definitely now had Issie's bag in Jacksonville (the red one) and they would deliver later, and no, they did not know anything about Annes...

OH DEAR...don't know how much more of the bag palaver Anne could take!

I opened a bottle of wine and handed Anne a glass and told her the news. She took it well considering. Come on lets eat lunch and then I'll call about yours again...We had the lovely stew I'd cooked the other day and yorkshire puddings..delicious...

Whilst clearing up my phone rings....
'Hello- this is Delta Airlines at JAX, we have a bag to deliver to you'
....yes the red one right?
'No, it's black with a red ribbon'
It was Anne's bag...'please deliver as soon as possible!!!'
'No problem, we will deliver between 6.30 and 7.30pm'
7pm rolled around and voila, one black bag arrived still containing all the chargers, meds and clothes!
Still no bag for Issie, but she was happy to run around in her new bikini all day, so not too much stress there!!4 year olds are easily placated, 39 year olds less so!

This week will be more beach stories, lots of swimming in the pool, Halloween pumpkin carving and of course Disney...stayed tuned!!

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