Oct 26, 2009

Comedy of Errors continues.....

If you have been reading the blog you'll know my friend Anne is in America, finally...however her luggage and that of her daughter are missing in the luggage Bermuda triangle!!

SO lets get back to the story. When you left us Anne was getting on a plane to Detroit from Amsterdam....Arriving in sunny (not) Detroit at lunch time she was met by a North West Airlines woman who already had their names on the list as missing luggage!..She text me to tell me.....
'Hi, made it finally to Detroit, slight problem, luggage is still missing and I have hardly any charge left on my phone, no laptop charger and my prescription meds are my case so I'm feeling a  bit crappy'

Anne....you packed your chargers and drugs in your case? what if they go missing...oh I forgot they never go missing do they?

Oh, so let me see
  • Mobile phone charger (packed!)
  • Clothes (packed...ok I'll let you off on this one !!)
  • Lap top charger (packed!)
  • Medication (packed!)
Anne what do you actually have with you?
  • Phone (dead, nearly..)
  • Laptop (dead)
  • A book
  • and her daughter Issie!
Talk about traveling light!!! LOL

A new text...(Anne, stop using phone it's nearly dead!!)..
'I'm trying to get on the 3pm flight so I'll be early'
Well early in so much as you should have arrived 24hrs ago!...but cool it wouldn't be so late to pick up.
All went quiet until at 3pm the phone buzzes again...
'Scrap that, didn't get me on it, do you think I should pay to get onto the 5pm one?'
..'Ok I've done it, we'll be there at 7.30pm..can you buy us some clothes cause we have nada!'
OK 7.30 meant I needed to get on with things, but still better than 11.50pm which she was due in on.
I was busy buying wine and clothes, the former being the most important to Anne and my sanity, when my phone buzzes again...
'I'm not on that flight anymore, the brakes were faulty, so I've got off and demanded a refund...I'll be on the 10 to 12'
OK...loads of time now..I even had time to make Jamie Oliver's Oven Baked Spaghetti Bolognese, and I was out of door early to the airport.
I was just getting up to the motorway when I got a text...11.10pm....
'I'm here!'
You are early... what happened...oh you were talking in army speak when you said 10.12...hmmm...good job your plane was delayed! LOL
I picked her up at baggage claim and little Issie still had a big hug for me, although she was looking completely shattered...come on lets get home!!! FINALLY

1 comment:

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Bloomin Delta Airlines. Good job everything worked out ok in the end - kind of. Will be better when I get my luggage.

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