Oct 14, 2009

Neighbourly love, and the Karma goes on!

Yesterday Gary and I were returning from our afternoon walk when one of my neighbours (who I dont know) stopped me and asked me to help her. It was nearly 6pm and I would be soon going to badminton, however I would hope that if I was in need that someone would help me out.
 She was stood there in gym work out clothes and just socks. Apparently she had gone out onto her back porch area and the sliding door had locked behind her so she was locked out, she had even had to slice through the mesh on her back porch to escape. She asked me if she could borrow my phone to call the office to ask someone to come out and let her in.

I didn't even hesitate to say yes and hotfooted it back to apartment to get my cell phone.
We called the main office and everyone that could help had gone home. We asked what happens in an emergency, and the woman on the other end was totally not helpful.

Hmmmm we were stumped. Ok what now. Lets get the toolbox, I suggested, and see if we can't jam our way in (OMG I'm helping someone breaking & entering!). I lugged the toolbox down to her apartment and she climbed back into the back porch.

No joy..it was jammed shut. Apparently the lock had drpped behind her ( although how difficult it was to get in did make me feel more secure about our sliding doors!).

We were running out of options. We needed a locksmith to get her in. Every morning Gary and I walk past a locksmith who lives in the development, so I told her that I'd get my car and we'd drive around... 10 mins later we'd called the local locksmith, J & J Locksmith, (904) 400-5150 , and he was on his way. ( I don't normally advertise companys, but you'll see why)

I dropped her off back at her aparmtment and wished her luck getting in.

Quickly getting changed for badminton I was back down to go out in about 30 mins. Low and behold the lady was out walking her dogs. I slowed down and asked her much she had been charged.....nothing, he'd let her in for free as he could see what sort of state she was in. That is neighbourly love and hopefully good Karma will come back on us both!
It doesn't hurt to show some love to your fellow human being, and hopefully if I was ever in the same position someone would help me.

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