Oct 21, 2009

Things I'm not allowed to have in the UK....

Recently when walking Gary in Jacksonville I was the receipient of some unwanted attention from a group of men in our housing development. I wasn't particularly scared, it was day time and lots of other people around, and the catcalls and comments were from a distance...but still it was a touch un-nerving. I debated telling my husband and eventually said something. He was angry that I'd not told him before and said now he was going to worry about me walking the dog. I did tell him I wasn't scared, and I would stick to the roadways. Nothing more was said.

A few days later he was late home from work. On asking where he had been he presents me with a bag. In the bag were three packets of Mace Pepper Spray!

This was the triple action Mace, Pepper Spray and UV marker dye.

It combines OC PEPPER with CN TEAR GAS along with a UV MARKING DYE eeeeeeek!. OC PEPPER causes eyes to slam shut and uncontrollable coughing and choking. CN TEAR GAS causes profuse tearing, an intense burning sensation to the face and disorientation. UV DYE marks the assailant and may aid in identification once apprehended.

It's recommended for Bears! (and groups of men who are hassling you!). I'd never seen this product before. I thought it was only available to law enforcement in the UK...on checking I found the following..

It's illegal to possess mace, pepper spray or CS gas in the UK unless you're authorised by law. It is not available to purchase in the UK legally, you can have it imported from America although the seller will need to apply for an export licence and the licence will be refused if you just want it for personal use.

Hmmm.. and now I have three of these hand held sprays...and I've practiced against a tree! LOL..so beware if you see me with Gary...I'm armed and potentionally very dangerous, given that the tree fell over in tears and now shows up in UV light!


Alone in Holy Land said...

Hi Clare (and Gary),
nice blog you have here...Oh, and you Gary, are the sweetest dog alive (because the sweetest angel-dog is mine...).
I am sorry about the incident with the blokes, Clare and thumbs up for your husband's idea. Before I came to Israel I always had a pepper spary in my handbag...

Clare and Gary said...

Gary thanks you for the kind comments, it has completely gone to his head!

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