Jan 5, 2010

Cold sunny day, and I'm beaten at golf....

I love golf. There I've said it. I'm not brilliant, but I can play and that's good enough. My Dad plays and he's more consistant than me, but we can have a good competition. That's the beauty of the handicapping system. It levels the playing field and allows a good player to compete with someone like me because they are nobbled in the handicapping !

So with my higher handicap Dad & I went off to play golf yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day, if a little cold (the round started out at 53f). Wrapped up warm we arrived at Kings Ridge golf club in Clermont. On it's website it depicts a fantastic setting

Imagine golf heaven -- rolling greens and lush fairways spreading out in every direction under the warmth of sunshine from sunrise-to-sunset. The weather is perfect and the course is spectacular. This is exactly how Kings Ridge Golf Club's golf course, located in the hills of Clermont, Florida was planned. An emerald in the Florida sunshine in a picturesque setting. Our challenging and well-maintained fairways and manicured greens offer a new and interesting golfing experience with every round.

Hmm....  golfing heaven..not really but quite pleasant. Rolling greens...yep, my ball seemed to keep rolling off the super fast greens. Warm sunshine..well there was sunshine, but not much warmth (not strictly the fault of the golf course, but I feel there should have been some sort of disclaimer!). Challenging ...not if you are better than Dad & I, but for us it was pretty hard work, especially those pesky greens!

What I'm really trying to say is that it is an ok course, somewhat challenging for Dad & I, and looked good in the sun, until you looked closely at how many divots were in the fairways and on the greens..

  1. There were some pluses though.... it was cheap.. $50 for the two of us with cart..

  2. We had a brand new cart...it had that new car leather smell

3. I got to wear my dashing leopard print ear warmer, 1st time in 3 years!

4. It was pretty in places

5. Dad won (not a plus point for me, but you've got to keep him happy, especially as he was buying dinner last night!)

We had a good time...and it was good to get some fresh air that didn't involve dog walking...but I've decided I'm a fair weather golfer and will be waiting until the temperature hits 60f again before I venture back out!!!

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Annie (Lady M) x said...

Ok, it might be me, but I don't 'get' handicapping. If it was any good, surely they would use it in other sports, e.g. football. The manager says "our goalkeeper is a bit shite, so please can we be awarded a goal before we start?" or maybe in basketball - the key goal-scorer is a bit hap-handed so they get awarded ten baskets free.

Why don't golfers just learn to play better? ummmm oh yeh. I got it sorted

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