Jan 18, 2010

Garden depression....

I feel a little insensitive moaning about my garden when people in Haiti are dealing with death and catastrophic destruction, however it has really got me down...

Following Florida's big freeze, where Iguanas froze and fell from trees, my garden looks like someone has been through with a flame thrower.

My Mom & I planted some really small plants in April last year...

see Mom proudly displaying all our planting(and Gary in the shot as per usual)

By the time Anne visited in November everything was blooming!

Anne soaking up the rays

So imagine my horror and sadness when I arrived home last weekend to this...
my beautiful purple bougainvillea

my goldmounds (which were stunning after being about 10 times bigger than when planted)

another goldmound and a frost bitten palm

the grasses...which i think will come back..they just look a little sad and brittle

out for the count..the canna lily and crown of thorns

my very sad and wilted meyer lemon tree

my mexican petunias (with Gary looking on)

Poor rasta crotons and palms

my poor palm by the pool..

You can see why I'm so depressed. I can't even rip them out and start again yet as you have to wait until spring to see what will come back...I'm betting nothing. It's all very sad... I might have to have a glass of wine and drown my sorrows..I'll try to be in a better mood next post


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Bet you are gutted matey - you and your mum put a lot of effort into that garden...... I'll give you a hand fixing it when I am next over x

Lena said...

The pictures look beautiful, especially when you look at them with lots of snow outside your own window!

Clare and Gary said...

Thanks Lena...I should be more sensitive to the snow bound it is true ;-)

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