Jan 12, 2010

How to add a signature to your blog...

You may have noticed that I have a nifty little signature at the bottom of each post
this is relative simple to achieve and only takes 5 mins!
I learnt this from Amanda who has a some great ideas for personalising your blog. Go and have a look, she's a great computerised scrap booker too!

Ok..ready...here we go..

  •  Create a signature for yourself. If you don't have a fancy smancy piece of software you can use My Live Signature 
  • You can click on "Want to use this signature?" at the end of your process and it will create HTML code for you to place on your blog. Alternatively you can save the image to your hard drive and load to something like Photobucket or your own web space
  •  You now have two choices...
    • Firstly you could go to your blogger dashboard and in the settings / formatting tab you can scroll down to the box "post template." Paste the code you just copied into that space. When you save this will add the image to your blogs...just type above it!
    • Secondly you can edit the HTML of your blog code. To do this go into Layout and then  choose Edit HTML. Click 'expand widget templates' and then press F3. in the box that now appears at the top of the screen paste      you are going to paste your html from my live signature under this line.  If you choose this method download your template from the same page first in case you do something wrong! This looks more comlicated but is actually pretty easy.

Let me know if you need any help...!
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