Jan 27, 2010

I'm a working girl again...!!

And no, the title does not mean I am walking the streets. I am officially one of the working class again (well full time anyway!) I've always worked part time on various projects since I moved to the States, but up to last week nothing day to day permanent. Well I'm proud to announce that I will now be earning my own nail extensions and hair highlights as a bone fide working girl.
So what am I doing? Well before I moved to the US I used to work as a consultant trainer of a piece of engineering / manufacturing software. It's well known in the UK in the small to medium business sector and we used to also license our product in Australia. Well the UK company has acquired the Australian one and now I am leading a support team looking after the well being of the Australian customers. Hmmm...Australia...isn't that thousands of miles away? Well yes, it's not exactly around the corner, but with staff still in Australia and in the UK and here in the US we can offer a global support network (and I will be traveling backwards and forwards to Australia to offer consultancy and training there too).
So exciting times. I'm a director of the new business which gives me lots of incentive to be hands on. All this meant I need to organize myself in Jacksonville. I have an office at home, but here its the spare bedroom and we just use the PC there for gaming most of the time.... but now, it's my mini office....

So what are all my goodies?

1. Is my new windows 7 professional, 64bit HP laptop (in white - how girly!) on my super new media stand that Hubbie bought me for Christmas..me with wireless mouse, keyboard and loads of more usb ports + built in speakers...well impressed I was!
2. Hubbies gaming PC which I have commandeered - I feel a bit bad, but look at that lovely screen. the laptop runs a VPN to the office in England and this one has various other goodies installed.. they are networked together so sharing files, printer etc is a cinch.. I surprise myself sometimes!
3. My new wireless Skype phone... means I'm not tied to the office and can roam the house (and maybe watch American idol !) I love it..in fact I love Skype...
4. My Toshiba external hard drive which I've set to auto back up anything useful.. best $60 I ever spent, and still only used 20gb out of 250!
5. My 'Crackberry' of course, synching with Outlook ... I'm not addicted, honest ... in fact i might be dragged over to the Apple dark side when my contract expires....maybe..hard to beat $49 / month, free wireless, unlimited text and 300 minutes (I don't talk much... that's what Skype is for!)
6. Is Hubbie's wireless gaming controller and one of his games...it's collecting dust ( another reason I don't feel so bad about nicking his PC )
7. Call me weird, but I LOVE BIC pens, especially in blue. It's good to like the cheapest pen on the market as I believe in this apartment the furniture trolls come out at night and eat them...I'm just saying!
8. So I bet you are wondering what number 8 is all about....

This is my time zone calculator for Australia.. It's too hard to remember what time it is in all the states...so I have this little aid memoire!

So you can see I'm all set up... the two things that are missing in the picture is my trusty sidekick who is always 'helping' me when I am working and of course, a cup of tea...well I am British afterall!


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Congratulations on your ace new job! Just a couple of observations; 1. Are you sure that it is your desk? ... it's tidy! 2. Is that my blog on the right hand computer screen? 3. That cup of tea looks minging, all weak and insipid.

Clare and Gary said...

It is my desk and so far I've managed 2 weeks of tidiness...amazing, I know. 2. it is your blog...I'm obviously your biggest stalker...3. my tea is o lovely..Earl Grey with milk...I know I'm a heathen!

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