Jan 1, 2010

My husband.. he talks to the squirrels....

This vacation I have found out something quite disturbing...my husband can talk to squirrels ..and they respond!

Whilst at the beach the other day I noticed that the squirrel population was larger and more noticeable than usual. People = food = fat squirrels.

They were relatively unafraid of us as we walked by, even posing for a few picture moments (everytime I try to catch them on film in Jacksonville they're off faster than Houdini).

My husband started to 'talk' to this squirrel and low and behold he jumped down and came scurrying over to him. 'Is that some secret squirrel speak? 'I asked... Apparently you've either got or you haven't...(not that I particularly want to be able to talk to squirrels!, but other animals might be cool!)

My husband...aka Dr Doolittle!

Unfortunately he has no effect on Gary when he is trying to get him to behave, so maybe it's just special rodent powers he possesses!

1 comment:

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Blimey, he talks to the animals and walks with the animals...... is he a squirrel whisperer?

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