Jan 11, 2010

Pensioners pulling chin ups!

It was my last day with my parents (actually, as it turned out, they ended up wth another night and a forty hour journey home thanks to the UK's inability to deal with snow but that spoils my story) and we decided to go for a long walk at Lake Louise State Park which is about 10 mins drive from my house. It was a beautiful, if cold, Florida day and it would be ideal to give Dad's new camera a whirl. I took charge as otherwise, we would have had a couple of pics of the lake, a couple with the lens cap still on and that would be the extent of his 'David Bailey' attempt. I'm no whiz, but given a brand new high speed digital I was going to have a better go than that!
Here's some of my shots... enjoy!

My handsome boy leading the way on the lake's beach

Using Dad for persepctive on a lake view...

Dad disappearing up the trail after Mom...which means I'm lagging behind as usual

Mom & Gary waiting for Dad and I to catch up..

No sooner had I caught up I'm being left again...Gary leading Dad

Mom & Gary waiting for us again...I think we've been here before!

Not sure how Gary is on his own on the trail exactly...who was supposed to be holding him?

Optional Chin Ups on the Fitness Trail which we crossed...surely non of us would entertain doing any!?

Yes Dad, we can see that even at 64 you can still do chin ups....

Mom never lets herself be out done!

Arty trail shot

Mangrove nubs...this area was underwater at some point

Weird lychen that looks like snow...

Gopher turtle hole and big cat paw print next to it...poor turtle !

Gary exhausted after 5 miles for us and 10 miles of him running backward, forwards and side to side..

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