Sep 19, 2009

Customer service in Perth.....hmmmm

Arrived in Perth at 1am, through customs and immigration in a breeze ( thank you Perth airport employees for being so professional and friendly so early in the morning). I had booked a stopover night in a hotel close to the airport and they were supposed to collect me from the airport. I called the number answer, number unobtainable....hmm so looked like I was getting a taxi... Perth taxi drivers are living the life! lol... $30 for 5 mins...I'm in the wrong job! I arrived at the hotel and they played dumb about the number..typical, and was given the key to my room. What a hole...and for stupid money. I'm not going to name them, but they are close the airport so you can Google it yourself and use your common sense! The next morning I asked to go back to the airport to collect my hire car...I needed to get back to international...they wouldn't take me as I was only collecting a car...hmmm...I acted a little pissed as they didn't collect me and just said check me out and order me a taxi...seeing how angry I was they compromised saying that they would take me to the internal airport... well thanks, I think... customer service...obviously a bit behind the rest of the world in Perth.

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Annie (Lady M) x said...

why aren't you naming them? Surely you should help any hapless travellers going to Oz. I name everyone who gives bad service!! Funnily enough, I just 'dissed' Pizza Express....... x Hope oz is good

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