Sep 19, 2009

Emirates, the good and the bad!

I think I jinxed Emirates with my praise at JFK airport. Not that the flight to Dubai wasn't fantastic, it was. I had three seats to myself, which with the addition of an Unisom, meant that all I had to worry about was when I had to wake up and change my lying position! A great nights sleep later and we were dropping into Dubai.

It was 7.30am when we arrived (early...congrats again Emirates as we were slightly delayed at JFK) and 1st stop was to find a shower. I would be sitting next to someone on the next flight for another 11 hours and it would be polite to make myself smell slightly better ;-)

20 Aus$ later and I was in the super showers of the health club in Hotel East at the airport. I wish I had some pictures to show you, jets from every angle and all the amenities you can think of provided FOC. I felt like a celebrity ( and it gave me ideas for our shower at home - sorry husband!!) I was soon refreshed, smelling lovely and ready for the next 11 hrs.

The next plane was an Airbus and compared to my Boeing 777 a real let down. Cramped and uncomfortable and something is seriously wrong with how high the seats are off the ground ( and before you wags say 32,000 ft I mean where you are sitting). You can't touch the floor if you recline your seat and you get terrible stress strain above your knees..the man next to me had the same problem. In the end I put my handbag under my feet, but I'd rather not treat my designer bag as a foot rest! Emirates...please either add footrests or change you seat configuration!...The Qantas A380 has little nets to put your feet in and it's actually quite good!

Ok, enough about the seats ...we had a more major problem. The man I sat next to was really nice, he was on his way home from visiting family in Dubai. Thank goodness for small mercies as you never know who you are going to get (I normally get a Linebacker type and spend the whole flight in misery!) Anyway, both our entertainment systems were down. Hmmm no movies, TV or music for 11 hours. Emirates staff tried to do what they could, in the end giving up and delivering some magazines. Slight problem there was that it was soon dark and we had no lights either...and the call button did not work for a drink !....hmmm you can see my predicament!

I luckily had some
Unisom which I swear by when I'm travelling long distance. Popped one with dinner and was suitably sleepy within an hour. I did offer one for my travelling companion, however he did not take me up on my offer and had 11 hours without sleep or entertainment...I felt guilty for sleeping, but would have felt crappy if I hadn't.

Emirates staff were very apologetic, but I think they need a contingency plan. Virgin have some personal DVD players that they can give out...I think Emirates are missing a trick here!

It won't stop me booking again, and of course I have the return flights yet!!!

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