Sep 1, 2009

Murder in Paradise...

Whilst I was away in England last week there was a murder at the apartments where we live in Jacksonville. I walk past the scene (about 100ft from our apartment) everyday with Gary and know the girl's car as she had a naval base pass on the window (she worked in the health clinic on the naval base). I should be shocked I suppose, but it was a crime of passion and as such fits into the statistics of 90% of all murders. It sounds horrible and very bloody from the reports, but they have the responsible party, the husband, and hopefully he'll go away for a long time.

Here's the report from the paper..

He came knocking at their Jacksonville apartment Wednesday under the ruse of being a pizza delivery man but was armed instead with a tire iron and hatred in his heart, police said.
Though neither Roya Gordon nor her sister had placed an order, Gordon tried looking through the peephole. Finding the hole covered from the outside, Gordon opened the door.
When the bloody struggle was over, Gordon's sister, Elkie Jean-Philippe, had been stabbed repeatedly. Jean-Philippe, 24, died at Shands Jacksonville hospital an hour later. Her estranged husband, Lesly Jean-Philippe, was hospitalized in critical condition after suffering what police said were self-inflicted stab wounds.
Gordon, smacked in the head with the tire iron, managed to escape. Police whisked away Elkie Jean-Philippe's unharmed 5-year-old son, who was clutching a pillow.
Police charged Lesly Jean-Philippe, 23, with murder and aggravated battery in the bloody attack at The Preserve at Paradise Island, 8787 Southside Blvd.
Two friends of Elkie Jean-Philippe's said she and her husband recently separated and that he told her Saturday he was leaving town. The friends, sisters Neisha Menzies and Jeneice Anderson, said Elkie Jean-Philippe told them the couple was constantly arguing and she feared for her life.
Lesly Jean-Philippe returned at some point Wednesday unbeknownst to his wife and barged into her apartment shortly after 10 p.m., police said. Gordon, 22, fled to a bathroom as she bled from her head injury. She heard her sister begging the man to stop. At one point, Gordon ran from the apartment crying for help, an arrest report said.
Neighbors Greg and Kacey Baxter said they heard Gordon scream for anyone to call 911 and mentioned that someone was in the apartment she came from. The Baxters said a neighbor told them she went to the apartment and heard a woman inside scream, "Don't hurt my baby."
Police swarmed the area moments later. Officers found Elkie Jean-Philippe on the floor with multiple stab wounds, while her husband laid wounded nearby. Several bloody knives were recovered.
The Baxters said they saw an officer leading a boy outside holding a pillow. He appeared to be 4 or 5 years old, they said. Neighbors said he was the female victim's son.
Gordon declined to comment when reached by phone. Schmitt said the husband had no local arrest record and there was no local record of previous domestic violence involving the couple.
The sisters who knew Elkie Jean-Philippe said she was in the Navy and worked in the health clinic at Jacksonville Naval Air Station. They said she worshiped her son, who wasn't her husband's child. Her slaying left both women in tears.
"She was a beautiful girl," Menzies said. "She didn't deserve this."


Bob and Sue said...

So, was this the funeral you went to? xx

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