Sep 22, 2009

Red Spot...recommended at Perth Airport

Following the poor service from the hotel (it was the Comfort Inn in Belmont near Perth!!! (that's for my friend Anne who said I should name and shame!!), I was stranded at the internal airport. I went to the Red Spot desk on the off chance that they would be there to pick my car up here rather than international....I mosied up to the desk and you could hear the dust balls whistling one to be seen, I started looking for a transfer to the international terminal. I was just turning myself round with all my luggage and I spied a phone on the desk...hmmmm I wonder....Yes Yes...pick up phone for attention....'Hello'...ooh ooh... is there any chance i can pick my car at internal airport? 'Of course, we are international (typical!!!) and it will take us 20 mins to get over there...why don't you get a coffee in the Dome and we'll be back soon' - no worries! I turned around and hoofed it up to the Dome coffee shop.... Look at the pictures of the Dome's gorgeous inside, and the cappuccino was to die for...I stirred it before taking the picture (sorry!!), the top was like eating a coffee dessert :-)
20 mins later as promised the Red Spot people arrived at within 10 mins I was standing next to 'Tilda' my little Nissan car that I had for the week. Ok, so it's not what you would expect me to drive, but it was cheap and cheerful and was good miles / gallon, so it did the job! One day I'll rent something sexy, but this week I was all about utilitarian!!!


Bob and Sue said...

Had no idea it took such a stupid amount of time for you to get to Oz - am just guessing you did not opt for the scenic route - makes 24hrs to NZ seem like a walk in the park ................ almost xx (Am going to try gmail a/c one last time)

Clare and Gary said...

My problem Sue is where I live...its the same distance whichever way I go to Perth...and no direct flights from US, so I have a nightmare whichever way :-(

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